About Us


CreativeLearningPress is the go-to site to get your slice of insights, opinions, and reviews about anything that involves digital marketing. From the best SEO tools, to the greatest email automation softwares, you are sure to find them here! Our goal is to make it easy for the average consumer to seek out the best tools that perfectly fit in their niches or businesses.

CreativeLearningPress is the brainchild of Ms. Heather Steele, A 24 y/o digital marketer, and business growth developer from South-field, MI. Heather operates 4 blogs in total that cover everything digital marketings has to offer.

Heather started blogging after finishing her degree in economics. While she was working as a marketing consultant, she would go on the social internet and write about the different software and applications available so people can get a glimpse of how these tools function in the eye of a marketing professional. In addition with Heather’s keen mind and vast experiences with marketing tools, we also put the web applications that we are using in real world tests to simulate how it would perform with your everyday consumers. Many of our tests recreate real world business scenarios that might help us in better understanding how a marketing software works, thus making it easier to give a score or judgement on our reviews.

Our software reviews take a lot more work compared to other reviews you will find in the vast internet. But we do strongly believe that the best software reviews compare without being biased and thoroughly objective. We want to be as informative as possible, as with today’s world, reading a review that just tells you if the reviewer likes the product or not is not enough anymore. When we write the reviews we want every point covered, every i’s dotted and every t’s crossed. We want to know how the application we’re reviewing stacks up against the more well known pieces of software out there. This is the heart and passion of CreativeLearningPress that we want to share with the community. After reading our opinions and suggestions you will surely find that you’ve learned a thing or two about the product and will make a more informed decision compared to before you, reading our blogs.

In the end, the goal and mission is to help our readers pick out that one software that would best their digital marketing efforts. What we keep in our heart while writing is that everyone else’s needs are different and unique, some of our successful recommendations may not work for you, but may work for others or vice versa. That’s why it is our promise to be objective in all that we do, and compare products whether we are on an affiliate program with them or not. We assure you that no matter how specific your niche is, there is a digital marketing software out there that is destined for you!

Definitely check out our reviews and give us your feedback! You can also send some suggestions or soft wares you want us to review through our contact us page.